Bluehost support

I finally gave up struggling to get the Cutline theme to install and filled out a help ticket. Bluehost support quickly explained that nested within the Cutline folder were two sub folders, one of which was also called Cutline. Nested folders with the same name apparently was the problem. Next I need to think about…

Cutline template in WP

I am going on my fourth day trying to get the Cutline theme into my WordPress dashboard. It continually says there is no style.css folder. I first thought I had it figured out when my WinZip program unzipped Cutline with empty files so I downloaded another unzip program which successfully unzipped the files. I did…


Apple iPhone

I have been refreshing the Engadget page covering Steve Job’s live keynote. You have got to see this. Apple is partnering with Google, Yahoo, and Singular (A.T.&T.) to present the most killer thing I have ever seen. TECHNOLUST! And I don’t even want a mobile phone. Specs & pictures here.


Don’t worry. Be Happy.

What are you optimistic about? Why? Are you getting bummed out reading about doom and gloom predictions? Edge asked 160 ‘thought leaders’ to share with us their answers to this years question, “What are you optimistic about? Why?” The 160 responses to this year’s Edge Question span topics such as string theory, intelligence, population growth,…