Flock web browser

I started using Flock as a web browser today. It is like Firefox with drag and drop social media capabilities. Having a wide screen monitor allows me to have more going on at one time. Fortunately my “friends” list is really small. My feeds are numerous though.


This is a test of thumbnail sizes, one floated right with a 10 px horizontal space and linked to the full sized file. The other is floated left with 10px vert and horiz spaces. Both are sized to 150X120px. This test was conducted using the new file upload features inthe WP 2.1 version. The thumbnail…


My new banner at VOX

Six Aparts new free VOX blogging service just allowed custom banners yesterday. I decided to use this picture to make a 940px by 200px banner. You can see it at artifactor.vox.com. VOX is also allowing us to create groups, where we can post an article to a particular group site (photography for example). I want…