End of 2020

I am hoping to become more productive, starting tomorrow, lol. One goal is to get back to daily blogging. is one of several blogs within a multi-blog setup.,,, and


Digital Literacy SOLE

A fire often attracts a crowd. What happens next depends upon the mix of participants and what they choose to share. The rhizo14 MOOC “Rhizomatic Learning – The community is the curriculum” was/is a lot like that. Here is Dave Cormier’s course introduction: “Rhizomatic Learning posits, among other things, that the community is the curriculum….

Street Car Museum
Como Park

Street Car Museum

I saw an icon on the District 10 Como Community Council website. It was tiny but the perspective intrigued me. I finally came close with this shot from the old pedestrian bridge. The Street Car Museum is open every Sunday from noon till 4 pm. I learned a lot about Twin Cities parks history with…

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Time to start blogging

WordPress has a new release out (2.5) that is a quantum leap of improvement. I will wait till BlueHost installs it for me but hope to see it soon. I also have found a new theme called Options which is partially functioning today. I need to alter the CSS style sheet so it looks and…

blogging | WordPress access problems

I cannot log in as administrator for my web site. No combination of user names or e-mail addresses work. Lost passwords function doesn’t work either. I will need to use an obscure PHP trick via the data base at my BlueHost server account. Pretty scarey though. I may have to delete the whole blog…