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My passion is learning how to learn. I would like to help design and create environments where learners are empowered to thrive by practicing and mastering digital literacies.

Building a new computer.

I have an AMD Athlon XP 1700, socket A CPU in a Shuttle K31A rev 3 motherboard. The FSB is 266 and one of my two sticks of 256k RAM is only working on one side. I get bluescreened several times a week and now my registry is corrupted such that I cannot open anything from its icon. My MB bios does not allow more than 80GB hardrives nor can I use the 3rd or 4th slots for additional RAM.

Windows Vista is finally going to be available tomorrow so I am finally going to build a new computer. Here is my tentative list of components:

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
MBÂ Â ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Wi-Fi Edition
RAM Kingston KVR800D2N5K2/2G 2GB DDR2/800
HDÂ Â Seagate 7200.10 500GB


This is a test of thumbnail sizes, one floated rightmnbonsaiforest with a 10 px horizontal space and linked to the full sized file. The other is floated left with 10px vert and horiz spaces. Both are sized to 150X120px.Sun This test was conducted using the new file upload features inthe WP 2.1 version. The thumbnail autogeneration does not allow custom sizing. When you try to make the thumbnail larger its quality goes down.

Full size photo = 500 px.

Giant puffball mushroom

At first I thought this was a volleyball. It is a giant puffball mushroom. For a sense of scale, look for the fly on the left side. I have eaten them. I slice it like bread and fry it in a frying pan with various toppings – Cajun, suger and cinnamin, etc.

This picture is 500 px x 400 px and should fill the body container.

Thumbnail size and padding?

MountainsI am resorting to HTML to create padding between the picture and the text. I used html styles to get a 40 px space to the right of the picture, but not on the left. I put a 10 px padding underneath, too. I hope I can figure a way to hard code this that won’t take too much extra time. I chose 230 px for the width of the photo because with 40 px padding it takes up about one half of the container width. I think 40 px is about the space between the body and sidebar, too. I know, Pearson uses ems in his CSS but I don’t grock ems yet.

Bluehost support

I finally gave up struggling to get the Cutline theme to install and filled out a help ticket. Bluehost support quickly explained that nested within the Cutline folder were two sub folders, one of which was also called Cutline. Nested folders with the same name apparently was the problem. Next I need to think about how to structure my photo data. Then I should be able to concentrate on content.