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I cannot log in as administrator for my web site. No combination of user names or e-mail addresses work. Lost passwords function doesn’t work either. I will need to use an obscure PHP trick via the data base at my BlueHost server account. Pretty scarey though. I may have to delete the whole blog and start over. That might be a good thing. Will need lots of time, though.


This is a test of thumbnail sizes, one floated rightmnbonsaiforest with a 10 px horizontal space and linked to the full sized file. The other is floated left with 10px vert and horiz spaces. Both are sized to 150X120px.Sun This test was conducted using the new file upload features inthe WP 2.1 version. The thumbnail autogeneration does not allow custom sizing. When you try to make the thumbnail larger its quality goes down.

Full size photo = 500 px.

Giant puffball mushroom

At first I thought this was a volleyball. It is a giant puffball mushroom. For a sense of scale, look for the fly on the left side. I have eaten them. I slice it like bread and fry it in a frying pan with various toppings – Cajun, suger and cinnamin, etc.

This picture is 500 px x 400 px and should fill the body container.