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Thumbnail size and padding?

MountainsI am resorting to HTML to create padding between the picture and the text. I used html styles to get a 40 px space to the right of the picture, but not on the left. I put a 10 px padding underneath, too. I hope I can figure a way to hard code this that won’t take too much extra time. I chose 230 px for the width of the photo because with 40 px padding it takes up about one half of the container width. I think 40 px is about the space between the body and sidebar, too. I know, Pearson uses ems in his CSS but I don’t grock ems yet.

Cutline template in WP

I am going on my fourth day trying to get the Cutline theme into my WordPress dashboard. It continually says there is no style.css folder. I first thought I had it figured out when my WinZip program unzipped Cutline with empty files so I downloaded another unzip program which successfully unzipped the files. I did successfully load another theme so I think I am doing everything correctly (although that one had a file called installer)

Align = “right”

bristlecone pineI used the photo insert icon to input the URL of the previous post thumbnail image and selected align = right. I still need to figure how to enlarge the thumbnail. Resizing it by dragging a corner hook results in a blurred image. The image also needs some whitespace between it and the text (border?)