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I cannot log in as administrator for my web site. No combination of user names or e-mail addresses work. Lost passwords function doesn’t work either. I will need to use an obscure PHP trick via the data base at my BlueHost server account. Pretty scarey though. I may have to delete the whole blog and start over. That might be a good thing. Will need lots of time, though.

Bluehost support

I finally gave up struggling to get the Cutline theme to install and filled out a help ticket. Bluehost support quickly explained that nested within the Cutline folder were two sub folders, one of which was also called Cutline. Nested folders with the same name apparently was the problem. Next I need to think about how to structure my photo data. Then I should be able to concentrate on content.

New theme uploaded

Day three: I was disappointed to find only two themes loaded in my dashboard. Uploading themes sounded like a simple task. Just download a theme and “upload the theme folder into your wp-content/themes directory”. HOW? I need to find FTP software and learn how to use it. I found one in my BlueHost cpanel. When I uploaded Cutline I was told it was missing the style.css file. After multiple attempts I tried Almost-Spring 1.3. Did not work. I tried uploading into the FTP incoming file. It worked!

I ended up switching back to WordPress default 1.6 (Kubrick modified).