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Don’t worry. Be Happy.

What are you optimistic about? Why?

Are you getting bummed out reading about doom and gloom predictions? Edge asked 160 ‘thought leaders’ to share with us their answers to this years question, “What are you optimistic about? Why?”

The 160 responses to this year’s Edge Question span topics such as string theory, intelligence, population growth, cancer, climate and much much more. Contributing their optimistic visions are a who’s who of interesting and important world-class thinkers. Edge asked its hand-picked list of ‘thought leaders’ to reassure each other and the rest of us that we have reason to be optimistic.

Ray Kurzweil

Kurzweil, who authored The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, explains how when things keep doubling at a regular rate they approach infinity or zero. Computer’s increasing ability to “figure things out” will lead to answers for our many problems. The cost of solar energy, like the cost of calculators, will drop to levels cheaper than oil. Our new mastery of biology will allow us to “turn off” diseases and aging.

I’m Confident About Energy, the Environment, Longevity, and Wealth; I’m Optimistic (But Not Necessarily Confident) Of the Avoidance Of Existential Downsides; And I’m Hopeful (But Not Necessarily Optimistic) About a Repeat Of 9-11 (Or Worse) Ray Kurzweil

Therapeutic reading

Please consider reading some of the 160 contributions.

Align = “right”

bristlecone pineI used the photo insert icon to input the URL of the previous post thumbnail image and selected align = right. I still need to figure how to enlarge the thumbnail. Resizing it by dragging a corner hook results in a blurred image. The image also needs some whitespace between it and the text (border?)

New theme uploaded

Day three: I was disappointed to find only two themes loaded in my dashboard. Uploading themes sounded like a simple task. Just download a theme and “upload the theme folder into your wp-content/themes directory”. HOW? I need to find FTP software and learn how to use it. I found one in my BlueHost cpanel. When I uploaded Cutline I was told it was missing the style.css file. After multiple attempts I tried Almost-Spring 1.3. Did not work. I tried uploading into the FTP incoming file. It worked!

I ended up switching back to WordPress default 1.6 (Kubrick modified).