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feed the fire by Richard Riley

feed the fire by Richard Riley

A fire often attracts a crowd. What happens next depends upon the mix of participants and what they choose to share. The rhizo14 MOOC “Rhizomatic Learning – The community is the curriculum” was/is a lot like that.

Here is Dave Cormier’s course introduction:

“Rhizomatic Learning posits, among other things, that the community is the curriculum. That being able to participate with and among those people who are resident in a particular field is a primary goal of learning. In each of my classes the curriculum is, of course, filled with the ideas and connections that pre-exist in the field but the paths that are taken by the students are as individual as they are, and the path taken by the class is made up of the collected paths chosen by all the students, shaped by my influence as an instructor and the impact of those external nodes they manage to contact.”

In joining Rhizo14 I hope to learn/copy its structure to design a learning environment where participants can practice digital literacy.

Orientation or mapping
The shortened symbol “dglt” will be used to stake out spaces on the internet.
A WebLiteracyMap by Mozzila (version 1.0)
For twitter the hashtag is #dglt.
The URL for a base website is
The Facebook page url is
Here is the G+ dglt url.

Declare and Network This post is an invitation to join together in designing a self organizing learning environment. Listed below are design elements often used in cMOOCs.

  • Make it real. Choose to do a project that you are personally passionate about, something that will make a difference(change the world).
  • Make or do something. Create artifacts.
  • Self-reflection. Record what you thought, did, would do differently, etc.
  • Network. give/get feedback (buddy up, partner, teamwork)
  • Peer review. Solicit feedback from your peers.
  • Small steps. Break project into small, doable tasks
  • Measure and make visible what you do
  • Make a Map to enable learners to better chart their course
  • Support network. Find mentors, teachers, experienced peers, or role models to give support when you need help.
  • Find Social Networks and a space of your own. Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Google Plus, WordPress, Blogger, or a personal domain.

Cluster and Focus to be developed by participants.

Street Car Museum

I saw an icon on the District 10 Como Community Council website. It was tiny but the perspective intrigued me. I finally came close with this shot from the old pedestrian bridge. The Street Car Museum is open every Sunday from noon till 4 pm. I learned a lot about Twin Cities parks history with an emphasis on Como Park.

Como Park Conservatory visit – April 08

Anamita muscaria mushrooms

From Magic Mushrooms

This photo is coming from my Picasa Web Album (owned by Google). By clicking on it you should see a larger version and also be able to see the other photos in the album. It was growing in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula last fall.

Goblin Valley sentinals

I really liked these guys. They were sitting by themselves as we left Goblin National monument. Clicking on the thumbnail should give you a bigger look.

Time to start blogging

WordPress has a new release out (2.5) that is a quantum leap of improvement. I will wait till BlueHost installs it for me but hope to see it soon. I also have found a new theme called Options which is partially functioning today. I need to alter the CSS style sheet so it looks and functions better. I found a site which inspired me to struggle with the code – Muted lunacy. access problems

I cannot log in as administrator for my web site. No combination of user names or e-mail addresses work. Lost passwords function doesn’t work either. I will need to use an obscure PHP trick via the data base at my BlueHost server account. Pretty scarey though. I may have to delete the whole blog and start over. That might be a good thing. Will need lots of time, though.

Flock web browser

I started using Flock as a web browser today. It is like Firefox with drag and drop social media capabilities. Having a wide screen monitor allows me to have more going on at one time. Fortunately my “friends” list is really small. My feeds are numerous though.

Appleton reunion choir rehearsal

Find more videos like this on AHS1967

Winona, MN. Bank visit

Winona Bank